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NdFeB permanent magnet material antimatter

Pulished on Sep. 29, 2018

According to the current accepted theory of the Big Bang, the universe was formed by the big bang about 15 billion years ago. The big bang should produce the same amount of matter. The explosion of antimatter is the main reason for the existence of antimatter. And antimatter, the material that surrounds the world around us, and where is the antimatter?

Another problem in astrophysics and cosmology today is the search for dark matter. Astronomy on the universe with the optical method can not see the material called dark matter, which is characterized by neither light nor light, there is only gravitation. Recently, astronomical observations and studies have shown that dark matter accounts for about 60% of the universe. What are these dark matter? Different opinions.

Therefore, find a way to detect antimatter and dark matter is particularly important! As a result, "Alpha magnetic spectrometer" came into being. "Alpha magnetic spectrometer" experiment by Chinese-American scientists, Nobel laureate Professor Ding Zhaozhong led by the United States, China, Germany, more than 10 countries and regions, many scientists participated in the research and design work. Its core component is a diameter of 1.6 meters, 1.2 meters in diameter, weight 2 tons of NdFeB ring permanent magnet, if the use of conventional magnets, due to the influence of the magnetic field can not be run in space, and the use of superconducting magnets But also in ultra-low temperature operation, not realistic, what material is the most appropriate? Chinese scientists have proposed the production of full compliance with space requirements of the NdFeB permanent magnet, into the "Alpha magnetic spectrometer" for its capture of antimatter and dark matter information to provide a strong magnetic force.