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How to improve paralellisom during pressing process

Pulished on Apr. 03, 2019
The height tolerance for magnets is typically ± 0.05mm, but some products might require ± 0.03mm. If the parallelism of the magnetic powder is not properly controlled, it might be difficult to maintain the height tolerance and affect the conformance of the magnets produced. Some methods we have identified to improve parallelism when pressing magnets include:

  1. Ensuring that the tools are completely de-magnetized, as magnetized tools prevent uniform powder dispersion when filling the die

  2. Rotating the core rod for better powder dispersion in the die

  3. Adjusting the height of the core rod to make it a little higher or lower than the die (not exceeding 0.3mm)

  4. Adjusting the gap between the powder feed shoe and die by adjusting the air pressure

The preceding tips are based on our manufacturing experience and are provided as reference only.