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Magnet FAQ

Pulished on Nov. 11, 2019

1.What factors will effect  performance of magnet?
Ambient temperature: since sintered NdFeB magnet has negative temperature coefficients of remanence Br and coercivity Hc, the temperature will demagnetize the magnet to some extent,  reversibly or irreversibly. The loss is also recoverable or irrecoverable.
Environment humidity: NdFeB magnet usually has to be coated to prevent it from corrosion because the naked material is very easy rusted and oxidated. Dry environment will result a long life of the magnet usage.

2.What are the cautions for magnet storage and transportation?
Humidity and temperature should be controled at dry and room temperature level. Applying some anti-rusty oil (machine oil) can protect uncoated magnet very well; Coated magnet should be insulated from air or vacuum stored. Charged magnet should be coupled each other to keep away from pulling other metallic subjects. Always keeping disc, tape, computer monitors, watches and other magnetic sensitive subjects far away from the charged magnet to avoid being deleted or damaged.
Charged magnet should be shielded magnetically in transportation, especially in air transportation.

3.How to shield or insulate magnetic field?
Soft magnetic material can be used in shielding or insulating magnetic field, like the common steel or iron plate. Thickness of the plate should be considered carefully because too thin plate may be saturated and can only duct a part of flux of the field, that will make the shielding only partially, not fully. Permeability, size and shape will be the main factors to be considered when selecting the shielding material.

4.What are the cautions during operating or handling magnets?
Sintered NdFeB magnet is very brittle but hard. Its magnetic field is very powerful that can generate a force of 600 times of its weight. Caution should be to handle the magnet to avoid any damages to human body or the magnet itself. Some necessary protection method should be adopted when handling big block magnets. During installation, some fixture must be needed.

5.What is the machining cost of the magnet?
There are mainly three factors that will influence the machining cost: lot quantity, dimension and shape, and tolerance.

6.How long is the usage life of the magnet?
It can be forever as long as the magnet is used in a proper ambient temperature, humidity, no strong field, radiation and other factors existed that will shorted its usage life.

7.What is magnetic component?
An assembly combined of magnet and other iron or steel parts, that constitute a function product.

8.How to assemble the magnetic component?
Either by fixturing  or gluing to combine magnet and other parts together. The assembling process should be completed by those experienced professionals. Our comapny has such experience of MRI, magnetic fridge installation. We have the ability to provide assembling service to all kinds of magnetic components.