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Permanent magnet materials and soft magnetic materials

Pulished on Nov. 25, 2019

Now permanent magnet material and soft magnetic materials in electronics products, upgrades extremely fast. Such as: digital cameras, hand -
Machine vibration magnet, monitoring equipment. In the present frontier of technological development has a very important purpose, a
Have superior mechanical properties.
Permanent magnetic materials, also known as hard magnetic materials, is removed when the magnetic field, the still have a magnetic material; Soft
Material is there when the magnetic field, the high intensity of magnetic induction, when the magnetic field removed, the loss of magnetic
Of material. Here does not mean that the hard and soft on the mechanical properties of hard and soft, but rather on the magnetic properties
Hard and soft. Magnetic literally means the magnetization of magnetic material through the external magnetic field to be able to retain their strong magnetic long-term (hereinafter referred to Magnetic), which is characterized by a high coercivity. Coercivity is the magnetic material after magnetizing later make a left after demagnetization Magnetic (residual magnetic flux density or residual magnetization) down to zero magnetic field. The soft magnetic materials is
Plus magnetic field is easy magnetization, and easy to demagnetization, that is, a low coercivity magnetic material. Demagnetization is the magnetic field in Canada (known as the magnetic field) so that after the magnetic magnetization, coupled with the magnetic field in the opposite direction of the magnetic field to reduce the magnetic field.